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We’re headed back to the Bedouin in March 2023 and we’ll be adding a link to our AIS transponder so you can follow our sail trail. 


Once you find our position, you can explore right along with us by searching the area on Google Earth. You can wander and explore the anchorage and nearby towns and all the interesting sights with the click of a mouse. It’s like being there without all the fuss of dusting off your passport or having to put on gobs of SPF.


Stay tuned…we should have the button above working this spring.

A big hello to the seven people out there actually reading our stories, which includes both our mothers, and probably one or two of our kids.  So for the other three random people following our sailing adventures–Welcome! 


Leave us a comment on any of our stories. We love hearing from our friends and family and the odd stranger who stumbles onto our site and reads our little blog. It’s a great way for us to keep in touch with everyone back home that we miss and all the new friends we’re making along the way.

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