June 2022

Mokra Gora

We headed to Mokra Gora which is nestled in the Zlatibor mountains near the Šargan Eight Railway. This took us back to our Pacific Northwest roots. While we were there we visited a wooden village nearly called Drvengrad, meaning “wooden town” created by the Yugoslav director Emir Kusturica which hosts a film festival. Emir had …

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Serbian Sunflowers

We’ve passed fields and fields of Sunflowers along our way to Mokra Gora. Chloe loved all the sunflowers.   We’ve adapted to not understanding the road signs so much so that we are starting to understand them now.

Chloe’s Super-Sized Serbia

Our bosun Chloe has a highly tuned American palate. Her radar spotted this rather posh looking McDonalds as we drove out of town and decided we needed some fries and a coke. A perfectly American road snack for our trip east to the Medevil Golubac Fortress.