Happy Birthday Bosun!

Happy 22nd Birthday to our bosun Chloe who keeps the topside of Bedouin running smoothly. We got home just in time to crank up our printer and sting her a up a birthday banner with photos of her cute little face when she was little. We bought a cake at the store since heating up our boat with the oven on a hot summer day didn’t sound like the best of ideas.


Today we celebrate Chloe! This girl can set an anchor, climb the mast, tie up the fenders, and operate the dingy and get it hauled back up on the davits—all like a pro—except she’s a pro would mean she is getting paid. 


We’re all in trouble over here when she leaves us in a couple weeks to head to Walt Disney World for a college internship. But in the meantime, we’re keeping our youngest daughter busy with boat chores and she’s killin’ it. 


Happy Birthday Chloe! We’re gonna miss you when you head out. Maybe not your microphone and the serenading you force upon us, but the rest of your mad skills, we will totally miss.

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