A Sunny Sail to Epidaurus

After some provisioning and playing in Poros, we’re underway and sailing over to Epidaurus to see if we can find the little remnants of a sunken city. We’ve got Kris back on deck and her skills are still fresh so we’re enjoying a sunny sail with extra working hands aboard.

Kotor Bay

After our little side excursion to the Blue Caves, we headed up to Southern Europe’s only fjord, the Bay of Kotor. Technically, we’re not sure if it is really a fjord but people often call it that for good reason-it feels exactly like one.    As you sail into the inlet, past the towns that …

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…and We’re Off!

Dear Mr. Twain, we just threw off the bowlines and sailed away from the safe harbor. We’re catching the trade winds and about to explore, dream, and discover. Thanks for the sage advise. I’ve never seen such a smile of childlike wonder on my husband’s face like this before.