Captain Clark

After a windy little week up in Kotor, we headed back down to Porto Montenegro.


Once Chloe was finished putting Clark to work up on deck, Mark settled him into the captain’s chair and gave him some instructions. In no time at all he seemed happily settled in and loving it.

Chloe’s got Clark and Chey up to speed up on deck. They are pro at setting the anchor and bringing it up, and getting it the anchor washed off. 


They’ve got all the hand signals down and we think we’ll be in good hands despite losing our favorite Bosun Chloe in a few days.


Clark has been coming in handy when it comes to rolling up the shade screens and reaching the sails to flake them into the lazy bag. We’ve taken to calling him “Tall One”. And Cheyenne has become our galley gal which has been awesome.

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