Kotor Bay

After our little side excursion to the Blue Caves, we headed up to Southern Europe’s only fjord, the Bay of Kotor. Technically, we’re not sure if it is really a fjord but people often call it that for good reason-it feels exactly like one. 


As you sail into the inlet, past the towns that nestle themselves along the steep limestone cliffs, mountains begin to rise high above the sea, flanked with churches and sprawling old towns that have stood for centuries. Pockets of new cities spring up with new life, a juxtaposition of old and new, sky and sea.


At the end of the bay sits the town of Kotor, like a sedentary king resting on his throne, crowned with a crumbling fortress on his head.


It’s a majestic place to be anchored tonight and we are eager to soak up it’s beauty and history.

Motoring in to the Bay of Kotor

A calm anchorage for now…

At night you can see the pathway that winds up to the top of Kotor’s Fortress.

A bird’s-eye view of the bay and the town of Kotor at the farthest point.

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