A Sunny Sail to Epidaurus

After some provisioning and playing in Poros, we’re underway and sailing over to Epidaurus to see if we can find the little remnants of a sunken city. We’ve got Kris back on deck and her skills are still fresh so we’re enjoying a sunny sail with extra working hands aboard.


It’s an early Christmas aboard Bedouin as we unpacked all the stuff Kristy muled over to us from the states. Mark was especially excited to have some new hatches. His ongoing project to freshen the boat up and replace them all is underway. Miraculously, Kris packed them with such expertise that they all arrived in …

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She’s Back

Look who’s back! Kris braved another long fight and came back to see us.    We have officially given her the not-so-glamorous title “Bedouin Mule.” The poor girl seems to have a raw talent for expertly packing a suitcase (or two) full of miscellaneous boat parts and hauling them over to us.    This time …

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Lost No More

Our first stop in Greece—the Corfu Airport where we turned a Greek Tragedy into a success story!   Earlier this year, our friend Kris threaded a gauntlet of planes, buses, and cabs and came out to visit us. The good news is she made it without any problems to the boat. The bad news is …

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