Lost No More

Our first stop in Greece—the Corfu Airport where we turned a Greek Tragedy into a success story!


Earlier this year, our friend Kris threaded a gauntlet of planes, buses, and cabs and came out to visit us. The good news is she made it without any problems to the boat. The bad news is that her luggage did not. 


Without her bags she had no flip flops, half a swimsuit, two pair of underwear, and none of her snorkel gear. 


She was mostly lugging TWO big bags full of boat gear that we were having her mule in for us. All that schlepping and nothing to show for it. 


Her bags still hadn’t arrived by the time she left for home. Nor did they arrive before we had to leave Schengen/EU. About a month later, the airline called us excited to tell us the bags were found and finally made it to Corfu. Their excitement fizzled when we told them we had left the country and couldn’t come back and get them for THREE months. 


The lady who works next to the guy in charge of our luggage—she had been quietly watching the drama of the missing luggage like it was a scandalous episode of Jerry Springer. And when Mark and I showed up three months later she immediately recognized us. She leapt from her desk and got super excited like we were about to get the results of a paternity test instead of simply being reunited with a duffel bag full of underwear and swimsuits. Her enthusiasm was so contagious that I snapped a photo with her. 


Meanwhile her grouchy co-worker led Mark into the bowels of the airport to a locked staircase where it seems lost luggage goes to mingle in what can only be described as a fire-hazardous pile of misfit bags. He handed over our two duffles with little ceremony other than giving Mark a look like ‘what took you so long?’ 


We hauled it all back to the boat and called Kristy so we could video chat with her while we opened up her luggage. 


We’re happy to report all her stuff is here—so if she ever decided to come back, she’s got plenty of clean underwear and some new flip flops waiting for her. 


As for the brownies she packed, they are gone. A little taste of America was good after some very Greek troubles.

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