It’s an early Christmas aboard Bedouin as we unpacked all the stuff Kristy muled over to us from the states. Mark was especially excited to have some new hatches. His ongoing project to freshen the boat up and replace them all is underway. Miraculously, Kris packed them with such expertise that they all arrived in perfect condition. The pool girl had to lug three bags through a jumbled series of planes, cabs and ferries, which is a formidable adventure.


Thank goodness for Karen and Marcel who happened to be over near Athens and kindly went to the ferries and met Kris, whom they’ve never met before, and make sure she and all the luggage made it safely on the right ferry over to Poros. We’re blessed with amazing friends.


Mark was happy to get his hatched plans underway thanks to Kristy’s stealthy packing skills.

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