She’s Back

Look who’s back! Kris braved another long fight and came back to see us. 


We have officially given her the not-so-glamorous title “Bedouin Mule.” The poor girl seems to have a raw talent for expertly packing a suitcase (or two) full of miscellaneous boat parts and hauling them over to us. 


This time around she brought 120 lbs of luggage filled with—among the long list of things—some new hatch windows.  Impressively, all of them arrived in perfect condition. And, more importantly, she smuggled over some brownies. 


In return for her steadfast gallantry, we ordered some decent weather for her to enjoy and have found a few epic historical adventures to take her on during her stay. 


We’re stoked to have our brownie trafficker and hatch smuggler back on board. And we’re sorry we called her a mule.

This girl brought gifts! Warm winter blankets she custom made and she engraved some Hydroflasks. She’s always a JOY to have aboard and spoils us.

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