Up the Mast

We had a little snafu getting our quarantine flag down after checking in to Türkiye. The line for hoisting the flag broke up at the top and our quarantine flag was wedged into the ring high up the mast. So we decided we could either:   A)stay in quarantine for the rest of our sailing …

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Dream Job

It’s love at first sight. I’m standing in the middle of the street like one of those cartoon characters with hearts beaming from their eyes. And I’m wondering why career day back in my high school days never mentioned this spectacular job.    This Piaggio Ape has made me want to be a banana delivery …

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A Little More Birthday

It was an AWESOME day, spending it with some of our kids and sharing our dreams with them. It’s great to have them around and we’re trying to soak it all in. Definitely a perfect birthday.    …and yes, I really need a haircut.