Up the Mast

We had a little snafu getting our quarantine flag down after checking in to Türkiye. The line for hoisting the flag broke up at the top and our quarantine flag was wedged into the ring high up the mast. So we decided we could either:


A)stay in quarantine for the rest of our sailing lives, or 


B) send someone up the mast to fetch it and string in a new line.


If these last few mask-wearing, stay-at-home years have taught us all one thing, it’s that ain’t nobody happy being stuck in quarantine, so PLAN B it was.


We were really missing our favorite Bosun and youngest daughter “Debbie Deckhand”  who has a knack for sauntering up high masts without breaking a sweat. 


But in her absence, I was chosen as tribute and sent up to do the job. The Good news is that both the quarantine flag and 1st mate made it back down and we are back in business. 


But not before our captain decided, whilst I was doing the repair job, that it would be a fine time to let go of the lines so he could take a photo with his phone.


It seems photos come first, and safety second. But at least we’re out of quarantine. 

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