Dreams Come True, Sort of

I’ve been hating on my snorkel lately. The thing leaks and is so uncooperative. I’ve had it for years and up until now, it’s been a champ but our relationship of late isn’t in a good place. My mask is still amazing and my fins are a dream, but the snorkel, it sucks.


So I’ve been dreaming of getting a new one next time I’m anywhere near a dive shop. My current one is a newfangled contraption with purge valves, a complicated dry-top closure, and with some fancy pants feature called bore-contoured tubing. And I hate the thing.


So I told Mark all I want in life is a simple J snorkel and I’d be happy. Not much. Just a simple dream.


Be careful what you wish for.


Just a few hours after my rant about the need for another snorkel, lo and behold, the universe manifested my dreams. As I pulled up our anchor, there, tangled up in our Rockna was a simple J snorkel. I held up the crusted and muddied thing to show the captain and he said, “That saves us a trip to town to a dive shop!”


Be careful what you wish for, dreams come true. Next time I need to be a bit more specific. I think I screwed myself out of a brand new snorkel.

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