Goodbye to Our Crew

In case you’re interested, this is what crewing on Bedouin looks like. Most people picture life aboard thinking it’s a fine luxury vacation sunning yourself on the bow trampolines and sailing to exotic locations. And there is some of that. But mostly, as Keith’s soujourn aboard confirmed, it’s also being put on deck duty. And …

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We sailed up to Parga and spent the day exploring this little seaside town that bustles with visitors. Just on the other side of the ruins that rise from the top of a parga’s hill, there’s a great bay with a beach full of sand. SAND!   Sand is often a luxury here in Greece, …

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More Meteora

Just when you think the spellbinding views of the six monasteries perched high among the clouds couldn’t be outdone, you reach the top where the grounds and architecture demand just as much attention. After a day of stairs, this was a treat


We took a nice day sail over to Vonitsa to show the Williams the ruins up on the hilltop. It’s a nice anchorage to spend the evening after wandering around the town.