We sailed up to Parga and spent the day exploring this little seaside town that bustles with visitors. Just on the other side of the ruins that rise from the top of a parga’s hill, there’s a great bay with a beach full of sand. SAND!


Sand is often a luxury here in Greece, I’ve had to switch gears from my California Childhood and adjust to happily lounging on rocky shores instead of blissfully soft sand. But the Greeks are great at making a beach wherever the sea meets the shore–be it rocks, docks, or even cement slabs. They are pro at making life a beach. 


So we’re doing the same. Making life a beach wherever we find ourselves. Even if its strewn with flotsam and jetsome and prickly plants.


A climb up to the ruins offered some stunning views of both bays from the hilltop that is nestled between the town and the beach. And a view out a crumbling window of Bedouin happily anchored off a sandy shore.

Parga’s sandy beach is no secret as you can see by all the lounge chairs gridlocking the bay.

Parga has two bays separated by a high rising fortress. The Sandy beach is on one side and a beautiful town front on the other.

Kathy is infamous for petting wildlife wherever she goes. And Chloe decided to join her. Since the rest of us know where this cat has been, there is not enough hand sanitizer to get in on the action. 

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