Goodbye to Our Crew

In case you’re interested, this is what crewing on Bedouin looks like. Most people picture life aboard thinking it’s a fine luxury vacation sunning yourself on the bow trampolines and sailing to exotic locations. And there is some of that. But mostly, as Keith’s soujourn aboard confirmed, it’s also being put on deck duty. And since he’s a mighty impressive deck swabber, we made sure he constantly had a cleaning sponge in hand. Kathy is superb at managing a galley so it was nice for me to be relegated to Bedouin’s official napkin folder for a week.


Kathy and Keith’s time aboard was way too short. And with all final boat projects and installs, most certainly we did not get enough sailing in. They ended up being dock rats far longer than they’d hoped. Yet, our roadtrip to Meteora with them was amazing and getting lost in the labyrinth of stone fences spread across a dizzying Antipaxos while depending upon Keith’s wanderlust to get us found again, those will be added to the hefty hallmarks of our adventuring together.


We’re sad to see them go, but as always, they’re like having family aboard.

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