Super Charged

We reached a huge milestone here on Bedouin yesterday—we celebrated our 40th day on anchor under our own power. This is quite the accomplishment, since last season the average number of days that we were able to go without checking into a marina so that we could charge our batteries and fill our water tanks was 14 days. Yesterday, we reached our 40th day! And during that time we’ve generated our own power and water. It’s been an absolute game changer.


We wanted to give a shout out to our friends at ANCHOR INOX! Dimos, his wife, and their family run business @ made it all possible. Over the winter, we hired them to build a solar arch and install three solar panels. When we came back this spring, his masterpiece was finished.


When we first called Anchor Inox, the owner Dimos invited us to come over to his shop and discuss the project. We took the ferry over from Aegena and he met us there at the dock, and drove us to his place so we could see his work. We discovered Dimos is an artist who takes great pride in his craft and pays attention to every detail to make sure he understood exactly what we needed. Dimos came up with the brilliant idea that we could use the space below the arch for storing our humongous paddle boards. Freeing up deck space was fantastic.


Our model of catamaran has a high coach roof over the cockpit area. Dimos knew this and put a lot of thought into how that extra space could be used. He sketched out a way to store our boards and where he could weld rings for the pulley system.


Last week, Mark finally got his sewing machine out and, using fabric from our good friends at Sharps Tarps, rigged up the pulley system. Now when we’re underway, we’ve got the perfect place to store our paddle boards.


Anchor Inox made it all happen. Somehow Dimos built the solar arch, brought it over by ferry, installed it, and then worked with an electrician to hook it all up and had it all working when we arrived. It feels amazing to generate our own power and not be dependent on marinas anymore.


Being on anchor is where we like to be. And having friends like Dimos and his wife over at ANCHOR INOX help us power our dreams—makes life feel super-charged.

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