The Great Sunglass Scandal

A pernicious case of missing sunglasses has been partially solved over here on Bedouin. 


You’d think you couldn’t lose anything when your house is a tiny boat. But things seem to go missing at a mystifying rate around here, despite the clear lack of square footage for things to disappear to. 


When we began our sailing adventure, we actually baked in the possibility for accidental sunglass loss. We brought over a dozen of them knowing we’d lose an odd pair or two. But we recently we found ourselves down to only ONE pair. 


The whereabouts of a couple of lost pairs we are certain of—the first went the way of Davy Jones locker after an unexpected tumble off a paddle board. The second got left at a restaurant, and a third got sat on and broke. 


But that doesn’t explain the EIGHT others that, despite examining the boat like a crime scene, could not be located. 


The blame game ensued as Mark and I kerfuffled over who was the most responsible for losing said glasses at such an alarming rate. I was pretty sure it was Mark. 


Be careful who you blame. 


Today, when it began to drizzle, we grabbed our rain jackets. As I put mine on, both of my side pockets felt bulky. And when I unzipped them, lo and behold, each contained a pair of sunglasses.   


A little embarrassing. 


And yet…there’s still six other MIA’s so I’m hoping at least three more will turn up in some random pocket of Mark’s and absolve me of my nefarious actions.


With that mystery partially solved, we can finally see again on bright sunny days. 


Plus, we’ve got more time now to dedicate to finding our missing chapstick. 

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