An Endless Array of Views

The great thing about having a moving house, is that there’s an endless array of views off your front porch.


Today’s view of Bodrum’s Castle was not too shabby.

Bodrum’s  Castle of St. Peter began construction in 1406. This 15th century castle was built by The Knights Hospitallers around 1402—the knights surrendered the castle to the Ottomans in 1522.


The Castle has endured many changes, in 1895 it became a Prison, was fired upon heavily by French warships in the 1st World War, and today it is a museum which displays ancient artifacts that local sponge divers have collected from Turkey’s seabed.

The tomb of the Carian Princess–Ada of Caria.

After the knights surrendered the castle to the Ottomans in 1522, the chapel was converted into a mosque and a minaret was added.

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