Starting Where We Began

We couldn’t be more excited to finally start our first official sailing season. We’ve been packing and prepping ever since we got back from Greece where we left our boat.


Right in the middle of all our final preparations, we got a call from Mark’s friend Bret. It was Bret and his family that were the cause of this whole scheme in the first place. Their invitation to Mark to come aboard for a summer sail back when he and Bret were in high school, introduced him to the sea and began a decades long thirst to sail his own boat one day. So when Bret invited us down to Baja and sail with him onboard the second Liahona, we knew we had to put a hold on packing and get down there. What better place to start than where we began?!


We had an incredible week onboard Liahona! It was a week full of sailing, sushi, tacos, friendship, instruction, inspiration, breaching whales, and ADVENTURE. Thanks to Bret we feel practiced and prepped!

There is nothing better than homemade sushi from fish you’ve caught yourself. Actually…there is something better–eating homemade sushi with friends. It was so good to be reunited with Virginia and Robert onboard sv Harmony. Their sushi skills are delicious!

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