Sticker Day

Our paperwork is all in order, our boat has a new name, and we’ve got a launch time scheduled for tomorrow!


It was a little sad to scrape the last of the “Kiri Maia” stickers off the boat, as the old owners are the BEST people and we didn’t want to remove them completely—but the sea gods are demanding and any trace of the old name must be purged!  Happily we plan to meet up with Marcel & Karen and “Kiri Maia II” when they sail their beautiful new boat back this way. 


In the meantime we had one last job to do to get all spiffed up, and ready for our appointment to be launched tomorrow! STICKER DAY. Admittedly not something we’ve been looking forward to doing. We have trouble putting return address labels neatly squared up and pasted in the corner of an envelope. This job definitely had us nerve wracked and tested our patience. We only had two stickers–one for each side–so there was no back-up plan if we botched the job. Thankfully Chloe was there and the three of us went to work.


A huge thanks to our son Connor who designed our logo!


…and thanks to @brave_cafe_77 at Spearco Graphics for the AWESOME stickers. Someday we hope to forgive him for the pain and anguish those suckers caused us trying to put them on. 


…also, let it be noted that Stacy uttered no foul words in the process of applying said stickers. Although Mark may have.

We tackled the small stickers first...

Then we moved to the giant sticker...

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