Lost Crew

Okay, so much for the “hospitality” post from yesterday. 


Things got a little crazy as we were headed out of our parallel parking spot alongside the marina dock. They sent a line handler and a tug dingy over to us as we radioed our intended departure—just to make sure we got off the dock with minimal effort from our tightly nestled spot between two other catamarans with a pretty good crosswind. 


Keith and I were on deck handling lines and Captain Mark was at the helm where all three of us amidst the bustle of shore support hurrying us along, we all forgot we still had two crew members who were running our trash into shore. 


Thanks to “Marina Mike”, as I’m calling him, who brought our abandoned crew back to Bedouin, we were all reunited. Luckily Chloe and Kathy took it all in stride–mostly because those of us aboard, at the time of the abandonment, all got in trouble for leaving our shipmates. As penance for deserting our beloved crew mates, they don’t have to cook for the rest of the week. And we’re fairly sure there’s more punishment to come.


We would have eventually noticed within a day or two that Chloe wasn’t on board, since she has the best Spotify playlists and is our onboard DJ. So really, it would have only been a few homeless chilly nights max before we came back to retrieve them. 


Looks like we’re gonna have to work on our hospitality a bit more.

You can see our poor abandoned ship mates on the dock.

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