Favorite Child

We’re gonna miss Tina and her mama over at Taverna Mythos. This family run restaurant was one of our favorites because they became like family while we stayed for such a long time in Preveza getting some upgrades and work done on the boat. 


On Mother’s Day last week, mama made some funny Greek remark which Tina translated to us. She said her mom was grumbling that she hadn’t done anything yet for her on Mother’s Day.  So I went over to the pots out front of their taverna and plucked a purple flower and grandiosely gifted it to her like it was a fine bouquet and not actually pillaged from her own plants. Mama gave me a giant hug and said something in Greek that didn’t need translation. From her tone it was easy to decipher she was taking some sort of hilarious potshot at Tina and I quickly realized I had just become her new favorite daughter.


A few days ago Chloe and I went back to Taverna Mythos for one last lunch and said goodbyes. 


Mama got up and gave me another enthusiastic hug and showed me that after a full week and a half, she still had the flower I gave her in a vase. It sits right next to the ashtray at the table she sits at every day. And let me tell you, if your gift is put next to an ashtray, you’ve reached the pinnacle of gift-giving. 


Having discovered my offering had been so treasured, Tina then gave me a look, no need for translation on that either—clearly I’ve made her life more difficult with mama. To which I responded with an evil step sister grin. 


Tina might not be happy that I’m the new favorite child—but I am. If flowers could get me out of trouble with my real family, there’d be no plants in the neighbors yard.

The scene of my kindness crime

A whole week later she's still enjoying them!

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