…and We’re Off…(to Parga again)

We are finished with all the work on the boat and happily taking off for good. Preveza has been so good to us and felt like home since we spent so much time (and money) there. We hope to come back again someday. But Adventure awaits and we officially left Preveza for the last time.


We headed back up to Parga, since it’s on our way, a nice day sail and good place to anchor and stay the night. Parga is just as beautiful and sandy as we left her on our last visit with the Williams. Next we’ll head north toward Paxos and then on to Corfu. It feels good to have all the work done and adventure ahead.

That’s Bedouin happily anchored right outside this fortress window.

Chloe was happy to find TACOS. The hardest part of travel for this girl of ours is leaving tacos.

Parga's fortress ruins in our backyard

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