We Found Mexico in Corfu

We made it north to Corfu where we are meeting an old high school friend Kris who is flying in to crew. She’s also our first official pack mule, bringing TWO extra bags full of stuff we need from the states.


We arrived in the afternoon and took the dingy to shore to do a little exploring. It’s a beautiful place, and a much bigger bustling town, especially when cruise ships are in port belching out throngs of vacationers–and we just added ourselves to the flurry.


Spread out under the old fortress that looms above the town, we found all the delights of a big-ish city, massive grocery stores full of hard to find items, a bunch of dive shops, and a movie theater. Chloe new this town might be just the place to use her “taco radar” and successfully found a mexican restaurant–something we haven’t seen since we arrived in Greece. While we prefer the smaller laid back places, but every once in a while it’s great to find just about everything you sometimes miss from the states.

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