Bridges And Walls

We successfully used our passerelle for the first time—a literal walk of the plank to get to town. 


…and it got me thinking.  


We’ve been traveling around and seeing so many fortresses and high walls—all built in an attempt to keep people safe. Often because they felt vulnerable and needed protection from harm.  And when we let down our passerelle today, it got me thinking about the difference between walls and bridges.


Bedouin’s little passerelle reminded me that despite the dangers on the other side, being brave enough to build bridges often brings something worth experiencing on the other side. Theres often so much possibility on the other side if we’re willing to span the distance. So many amazing adventures have been just across our passerelle.


Bridges of understanding, cooperation, patience, curiosity, forgiveness, adventure—they are all formidable to build. But every time I’ve built one of those kinds bridges there was something intimately rewarding somewhere far on the other side. 


Here’s to our little passerelle and being reminded to build less walls and more bridges.

Here in Porto Montenegro we discovered an American catamaran named Lia.  No one was home today, so we’re gonna stop by again and see if we can say hello.


It’s always fun to see a fellow American out here.

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