She’s Gonna Need a Vacation

Time to say goodbye to Bedouin’s trusty crew mate Kris.


During her stay this poor girl took an early morning shift on watch during a passage, spent half a day picking up trash from the ocean, helped the captain troubleshoot a generator error code, spent two days scrapping off the exterior tint on her aft cabin window, invented a very clever new way to murder bloodthirsty mosquitoes while clean up the carnage in a single stoke, never got her luggage from the airline, was forced to visit a cat museum (which was rad), climbed a calf cramping cliffside staircase to see some old ruins, washed Bedouin’s decks a thousand times to get the salt off, tossed lines, set anchors, and got thoroughly soaked in choppy seas in our dingy. 


This girl is gonna need a real vacation when she gets home to recover from it all. But boy we sure sailed some stories. Some she’s allowed to tell, a few others she must never tell—especially to our mothers. 


Kris, we miss you already.

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