Ostrog Monastery

We took a little road trip into the heart of Montenegro to visit Ostrog Monastery.


I’m not sure how it was possible to build this monastery on the face of a steep cliff—in the 17th century no less—but both hiking up to it and ducking inside the two tiny chapels inside caves—will equally take your breath away.  The cave chapels, though small, startled me with quiet awe, not because they are stunning but because of the humble and rough nature their beauty seems formed out of. 


Inside the small chapel caves are frescos that have survived wars, attacks, and a fire. They are not your ordinary frescos as they had to be expertly painted around the rough contours and crevices of the interior rocks.

To get to the little chapels you pass by shimmering mosaics affixed to the exterior curves and a miraculous vine that grew out from the inhospitable rock face.  Somehow it surmounted the odds to become a blooming plant that offers welcome shade to those who have made the climb to Ostrog Monastery. 


The whole place is a testament that no matter how harsh the conditions one faces, it’s possible to stubbornly forge something beautiful. 


What a great way to spend a Sunday.

On the way up it’s stirring to see the massive pile of blankets pilgrims leave for the monks to use or distribute to those in need. 

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