Our Local Weather Report

Our bosun Chloe has taken to grabbing her microphone (yes, she has a rose-gold microphone on board) and often gives us weather updates like she’s a live-on-the-scene reporter. 


As you can see, on Friday’s “broadcast” our resident meteorologist got a little more than she bargained for. 


…and in other ridiculous Bedouin news, our taxi got hit from behind so we were held captive in a cab in the middle of the road while the meter was still running. We decided we were much safer walking the rest of the way in the rain. 


Long story short…we ended up with the EXACT same cab driver getting back to the boat. I nicknamed him “El Diablo” because he was insane—but he seemed very pleased with his new name. I, on the other hand, was pleased to arrive back at the boat alive. 


It’s safe to say Chloe’s weekend news broadcast was filled with plenty of EXCITEMENT. 

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