Bye Bye Bosun

Our bosun Chloe has left us for new adventures. We miss her already. Mostly because she did all the work. 


We’re so sad, the only thing that will console us is to hack into her insta account while she’s asleep on her long plane ride back to the states and post something on her page about how much she misses us. 


The older kids mauled her on the way to the airport in the back of our tiny rental car just to make sure she got all the love we could squeeze in before she left us. And of course we did the same just before she disappeared into the airport.


Walt Disney is calling, and he’s got an intern job waiting for her. She’ll be working in Epcot as a Photo Pass Photographer for the next six months and unfortunately it pays a little better than the freebie job she’s got onboard Bedouin.


Here’s hoping Florida loves her as much as we do!

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