Sunset Reconnaissance

We took a little sunset reconnaissance ride with Cheyenne and Clark to go check out another submarine cave.


It seems we can’t get enough of these stealthy hiding spots. They are endlessly fascinating. 


This cave was up in Croatia and a bit bigger than the ones we saw in Montenegro. This one was a lot closer to our anchorage to we did our own clandestine tour and took dingy over. This made it easy to get out to explore inside a little more. 


We heard that all these sub caves have a maze of tunnels and rooms dug inside of them, but we were never able to get out and see if we could prove this little theory for ourselves. Lucky for us we were on a little self-guided tour and found a place to lash our dingy to once we reached the back of the sub cave, and an easy place to hop out and inspect if for ourselves. We followed the narrow ledge and found a metal door mid-tunnel. We gave it tug and it swung open. Inside was pitch black–no telling what was in there or how big it was.


This dark subterranean unknown was an irresistible invitation to turn on our cell phone flashlights and see where it lead. Our lights, once a few feet inside, were swallowed up by the darkness which, seduced us to walk in even farther. There seemed to be corridors and blockaded rooms but it was hard to tell with our scanty lights. We followed it along for some time until we could see a glimmer of sunshine begin to appear. After a short time we found it led us to the exterior mountain side not far from the cave’s entry.


Clark loved this cave, he’s got a thing for history, especially for military history, and this cave seemed to have stories and myth embedded in its walls. He and our daughter Cheyenne will be headed home soon, much too early, but this was a great way to spend one of their last evenings together.


A little sunset recon makes for a great night. 

Clark climbed up the mountainside and stood above the sub cave which gave a great perspective on the size of this sneaky parking garage.

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