Google Translate for the Win

We were stoked to find a great parking spot when we pulled in to the town of Korčula, but then we got out and TRIED to read the parking sign–no comprendo. So we pulled out our handy dandy phones and did a little google photo translate. The fact that it could translate the sign was an EPIC achievement and I’m sure the locals thought it was weird to see tourists jumping up and down over a parking sign. But a solid linguistic victory must be celebrated, and this was a win!


Back in Greece, our translation app was rarely able to decipher any Greek. Perhaps that’s why the old adage, “Its all Greek to me!” is a seriously true statement. We’d point our phone at stuff and it would literally shrug its phone shoulders. While there, we were left in the dark when it came to translating anything, even though we got pretty good at pronouncing the letters. But pronouncing and understanding are two different animals. In Greece, it seemed we know as much as Google does when it comes to deciphering the language, which knowing as much as Google does, is a pretty sublime achievement.


But here in Croatia, nothing can stop us and Google. Dream team for the win.


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