Sunday in Split

We were excited to look online and find a Sunday service. This tiny branch in Split is filled with the most amazing collection of people. One worked as a translator for the church in Salt Lake City, another lost her home in Ukraine when it was hit by a bomb, two of them relocated to Split from their home town an hour away to help start this branch, and a cluster of missionaries serving and loving everyone here, along with a recently baptized member.


When we showed up, we were greeted not with the expected hellos, but rather with a curious question:


Are you here on vacation or sailors?


We thought it was an odd question until we realized it’s pretty normal for sailing families to show up for church. In fact, on this Sunday, we were introduced to the Flander’s family. This family of five has been sailing on svLIA and they’ve been in the area for a few weeks attending church each Sunday. It’s always great to meet other sailors at church!


Today was a remarkable day sharing the Sacrament with these extraordinary people. No matter where in the world we go, stepping into a house of worship always feels like walking in your own front door.

This was the good man that drove us to church today. He’s retired, but decided to go back to work driving a cab to help support his daughter who is in the US going to University.


We always try to chat with the good people who drive us places and end up privileged to hear about their lives. They are often stories full of challenges and rising to the occasion.


It’s remarkable to sit with a stranger for a small moment in time while they unfold the complexity of their life. Almost always, by the time we reach for the car door to part ways, they have recounted how they become the hero of their own story–revealing how they’ve found ways to answer their life riddles. 


To open the door of a cab, is to open a grand book of stories.

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