Bedouin’s Barbershop

Did you ever hear the story known as “Hair-gate”?? The one where a certain President shut down LAX while getting and $200 hair trim on board Air Force One…


This is not that story. 


This is about a free haircut onboard Bedouin—where we were about to learn we had a fancy barbershop located on our aft stairs. Who knew?!


Well Ovi Did, of course.  After Krka Falls, we sailed south and met up with Ovi and Cory from sv Silver Cloud. It was great to see them again. We had briefly met them while we were in a marina and Ovi recommended some great places to see nearby. 


Most cruisers living aboard keep in touch with new and old friends we all make while sailing. Often we meet these friends from time to time when our anchorages align—which recently happened with Ovi and Cory on SV Silver Cloud. They’ve been out sailing for the last 20 years!


Mark meets up and goes jogging with these former triathletes when we’re in the same town. Or sometimes we go out for a swim or just chat and hang out.


We coordinated an anchorage recently and Ovi came over for a visit—he had just had his hair cut. We remarked how awesome his hair was and how badly Mark needed to get to town and get one too. 


Next thing you know, Ovi took his dingy back over to Silver Cloud and picked up Cory and her scissors.


It turns out Ovi didn’t go to town to get his haircut—Cory was his barber and she quickly found herself being Bedouin’s new hairstylist too. Her expert haircut cost zero dollars, stopped no traffic, very likely confused some fish, and ended with a jump in the ocean to wash all the hair off! 


You know you’ve made good friends when they come aboard to cut your hair.


Ovi and Cory are the real deal and we all often strategize ways to meet up. In a month from now mark will be needing Cory and her scissors again soooo stay tuned…


We were sad to say goodbye later that day. But they sent us off with some good anchorage suggestions southward and we plotted some for them northward. 


They just text the last photo of us heading out. Notice captain Mark’s fancy new haircut as he sits comfortably at the helm making me prep the sails up top. A new haircut and the captain thinks he rules the seas.  I’ve decided to call this “Hair-gate 2.” What’s up with men and their haircuts?

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