We’re Lovin’ It

We put Bedouin in a Marina and headed out on a week long roadtrip. Marinas are like getting a babysitter for your boat, usually an expensive babysitter, but they take care of your boat child while you’re away and you can leave with peace of mind that it’ll be put to bed each night and maybe get a bedtime story.


We’re headed to Austria to the Red Bull Ring. I have a small obsession about planning our travel calendar around MotoGP’s race season and Mark hasn’t quite caught on to the fact on occasion, we “mysteriously” end up near a race track whilst a race happens to be going on. He thinks is all a coincidence and I let him run with that idea.


“Gee, Look Honey! There’s a race going on this weekend!”


So far my little impish scheme is working.


Somewhere along the roadway we passed through a town with something we hadn’t seen in months–a drive-thru. We don’t miss fast food but the idea of plugging back into our American roots for a few minutes by ordering a couple Cokes for the road in an actual drive thru sounded like the perfect way to compliment a road trip.


MotoGP here we come! We’re lovin’ it!


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