Zagreb-ing our Attention

We stayed the night in a lovely Airbnb in ZagrebCroatia’s capitol city. It was a really relaxing place to stop, unwind from a days drive and stroll around the city that evening.  


The next morning Mark snuck out and went for an early jog around the neighborhood while I slept in, and came home with fresh pain au chocolat. My favorite kind of morning.


Another stroll through town in the daylight, we stumbled into the colorful red canopies that shade the Dolac Farmer’s Market. 


We came through a bridge and discovered there was a church nestled in the small corner of its bustling thoroughfare. It was there that we bumped into a stranger wearing a 46 hat. Mark spotted the hat so we gave the head to which is was attached a reverent nod since a hearty high-five in the middle of an under bridge church service is likely a universal no-no. We didn’t speak the same language but all it took was a point towards his cap and we suddenly became a congregation of two whispering excited praises about our favorite MotoGp star–not the first time I’ve had to be hushed in church, but meeting another Rossi fan on holy ground was sublime enough to be slightly irreverent. 


The little Kamenita Vrata church is well worth checking out on Google Earth.


Before heading back on the road, we wandered the streets and basked in Zagreb’s loveliness. 

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