Moto in the Mountains

The Red Bull Circuit in Spielberg Austria is nestled in an unforgettable alpine valley which Mark says looks color-corrected. We’re not even sure photoshop could even generate the array of spectacular emeralds that seemed poured onto meadows in the surrounding hills. It’s verdant color was a stunning backdrop for the iconic Red Bull sculpture that we’ve long wanted to see in person.


Sitting at the races in Spielberg, we were constantly dividing our attention between two competing trances; the motorcycles speeding past us at 200+ miles an hour and the stunning shades of green in the mountains surrounding us. We weren’t sure which was more compelling.


Here in Austria, if you sit along side the track instead of the stadium seating, you get a motorcycle race AND a hiking expedition all rolled into one. To get to our place on the track we walked through farmers fields, past clapboard barns, and a winding path through thick forest groves. The track is huge, and to walk around it is a formidable yet stunning task.


We were lucky to find a place to stay over the crowded weekend and ended up renting a cozy room in a young couple’s townhouse—our first time opting for a room inside someone’s home instead of a place all to ourselves. But finding a place to stay on a race weekend is a race in and of itself. And it turned out to be the best experience. Jasmin and Marcus who hosted us were the most fantastic people.


A huge thank you to Jasmin and Marcus for hosting us and making our stay one of our favorite Airbnb experiences we’ve ever had.  Each night we returned back to their home and stayed up late chatting. We got a place to stay for the races and made some awesome new friends.



Another MotoGP in the books. Time to get the race calendar out and plan for the next one…


There’s nothing like seeing motoheads happily making with way to the track whilst wearing lederhosen. Not something we’ve seen in Austin Texas or Mugello’s track either. It’s alwaya fun to see what people turn up at the track wearing wherever you go.

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