Saved by the Sisters

On Sunday morning, we took advantage of the fact that we still had our rental car and headed into Podgorica to attend the little church branch there. We discovered an amazing collection of really wonderful people and some awesome sister missionaries with some impressive language skills.


The sisters were especially awesome because they saved me–and not in a missionary sense. I got locked in the church’s bathroom and the old fashioned skeleton key wasn’t working to unlock the door from the inside. It was a hilarious comedy of errors as I fumbled with the key and the door and my language skills to be both heard and understood that I’d been incarcerated in the loo. Luckily someone heard my patient pleas and sent the sisters to the door where they came to my rescue.


They gave me some complicated yet unreassuring instructions on how to jostle the archaic key in the door and I’m fairly certain all of us did some earnest praying, since, after all, we were in a house of prayer. There’s likely been a lot of miracles in church, but this miracle seemed especially joyous as the door finally unlatched and released me from my lockdown in the loo.


Saved by the sisters!

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