Lefkas Canal

Our first transit through a canal is in the books. This was a little warm-up for the big one. We’re headed our way to the impressive Corinth Canal to take the shortcut over to the Aegean. 


The Lefkas Canal was super easy to transit which gave us time to bask in awe over it’s creation. This was initially hand dug by the Corinthians in 700 BC and later by the Romans during the reign of Augustus and finally finished off by the Greeks in the 1900’s. 


All this is pretty impressive considering that during our reign as supreme parents we could never get our kids to dig up weeds for more than ten minutes. A whole canal is impressive indeed.


Oh…and a shout out to the sailboat we motored past from Hood River Oregon! We exchanged waves after seeing their American flag and their home port stickers but didn’t catch the name of the boat.  

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