A Dolphin Escort to the Corinth

After hearing rumors that the the Corinth Canal might shut down for repairs, we headed strait there a lot earlier than we had planned. We really want to experience transiting this incredible canal so we didn’t want to take any chances.


As we rushed to get there, we were excited to discover the Gulf of Corinth was bursting with sea life, more than we had seen in one place all season. Along the way we came across sea turtles, jellyfish, and our first encounter on Bedouin with a pod of dolphins. Our new friends hung out and escorted us toward the canal for about a half hour. One in particular stayed even longer.


Dolphin encounters are always pure magic. We put the boat on autopilot and Mark and I both sat up on the bow seats, dangling our feet over the side and enjoyed the spectacular show. Periodically, one particular show-off would turn sideways to look up and make sure we were still watching his antics. When all its friends finally got tired, he stayed and played for another five minutes, basking in all the attention.


Thankfully our sea friends got us to the Canal in time. Little did we know the passage would unexpectedly close down just a few days after we got through.

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