Our New Friend Has Eight Arms

This super clear anchorage hides nothing. Not even a stealthy camouflaged octopus lair.


But these dens often have tell-tale signs that make them easy to spot once you know what you’re looking for. An Octopus likes to cover up the entrance to their den by collecting sea trinkets and spreading this odd collection of stuff around the opening. They think this hides them, but this is exactly how to spot them.


You’ll notice an unnatural placement of ocean decor, much like your mother’s collection of strange knick knacks that haphazardly decorate her coffee table–it doesn’t really match anything in the rest of the room, or ocean, in this case. Unwittingly, my new octopus friend placed a conspicuously white shell at his entry that appeared less like camouflage and more like a welcome mat. Hello new friend, there you are.


During our stay at this magnificently translucent anchorage over the last couple days of our season, I was able to visit the poor guy several times by using the bright white shell as a homing beacon. If he sticks around, I’m hoping to revisit him again next spring.



Now that you’ve seen his lair, you’ll be able to spot his little home as we dive down to check it out…

Do you see it down below??

How about now?

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