Commandeered by a Cat

We bought a bucket at the hardware store today and made the mistake of setting it down while we enjoyed a nice lunch. Not long after we turned our backs on the bucket, it was commandeered by a cat.


It staked claim on the bucket and refused any attempt to evict it once we were done eating. It had moved in and that was that. Another cat even came by and it swiped at it to scare it off.


We had to wait it out for a while. It seriously gave us the stare down and by the looks of its claws, we were pretty certain it would win any skirmish over ownership of the bucket. We even considered abandoning it and getting a new one.


Finally, we came up with a master plan. We had also purchased some line (rope) at the chandlery that morning so we unfurled one of them, used our trusty sailing knot skills and forged it into a lasso. 


Our line tossing skills have been acutely sharpened over the sailing season so we quickly lassoed the bucket and began to pull it toward us. S L O W L Y. 


The cat, quickly decided it didn’t like the bucket once it started moving, so off he went.


Hostile takeover averted. Bedouin’s new bucket saved.

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