This accidental selfie perfectly encapsulates our visit to Corsica. A little moment we’d almost forgotten had it not been preserved on our phone. 


Our impromptu trek to this French island was a day marinating in vivid technicolors and ocean breezes perfumed with flowers and pine. 

On our Atlantic crossing cruise. We hoped to preview two of the definitive stops we’ll be making next winter as we cross the Atlantic on Bedouin—namely Gibraltar and the Canary Islands. 


An added bonus was our stop in Ajaccio, the capitol of Corsica and the birthplace of Napoleon. Statues of his likeness rise up in prominent places around this coastal city.  And it is here you’ll find his family home and the church where he was baptized. 


As we explored the town, we became enamored with the subtle little directional markers embedded in the sidewalks all over Ajaccio. These northward pointers, flourished with Napoleon-inspired laurel crowns, helped us keep our bearings as we explored the city.  Ironically, these waypoints were so small they could have been easy to miss. But in true Corsican fashion the sun dramatically set them ablaze like studded jewelry. 


These markers told us exactly where we were. And our blithe little selfie felt like it did the same. It seemed to point us back to a fleeting moment of sheer bliss we could have easily forgotten. 

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