A Map App Adventure

Sometimes when you tell your map app to navigate you to a place, you end up on an unplanned adventure.


That’s exactly where we ended up on our way to Çanakkale. When we were told to turn off the main road, we just did what the app said. At one point we wondered if we should have checked the condition of the spare tire, or that the rental car even came with a spare tire. 


Luckily we never had to find out. But what we did discover is that sometimes the best way to where you want to go, isn’t always the most direct route.


Sometimes life gets off road and puts you in the middle of nowhere, and nowhere can sometimes be the greatest place to be. 

The Bogus Bust

Everywhere you drive in Türkiye, they’ve posted this speed cop. He looks like he’s caught you and calling it in, you’re busted…except your not.

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