We Found A Unicorn

On our way to Türkiye, we stopped over in Skiathos and found a unicorn. Also, a flock of swans, a gaggle of geese, and a bevy of Polish teenagers.


The unicorn was the real find: a Greek beach with powdery sand, warmed up by the sun, and not a pebble or rock in sight. A rare sight so far this chilly and windy spring.


A fair amount of beaches here are a mix of sand, pebbles, and a few chunky rocks thrown in. But today, when looking for a place to anchor, we found a wide bay with a proper beach and the sun set to a toasty warm temperature. 


Luckily there was so much sand and sun that there was plenty to share, since not long after we made our way to shore, a ferry showed up and a mass exodus of Polish teenagers sauntered out of its belly and headed for the beach. We were all quite pleased at our good fortune to find both sand and sun on the same day.


Sand in our toes, sun in our face, and a little beachside cafe with icy Coke Light—a welcome sunny spring day that made us so happy we hardly noticed the swans, geese, ducks, or a mob of teenagers.


Here’s the beach after the crowds left. It went from smooth pristine beach to school playground in no time. 


But what a way for all of us to spend a sunny day!

The Lovely KouKounaries Beach

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