Haircut Hazards

Mark needed a haircut and found a barbershop here in Türkiye—and let me tell you—if you’re a man and have never had a Turkish haircut, you haven’t lived a full life. This needs to be on your bucket list of experiences.


It STARTS with a great haircut and that’s just the beginning. Once your hair is cut to perfection the barber deftly moves his scissors to the eyebrows where no rebel strand of aging brow hair stands a chance. Electric clippers are then deployed and the war with unwanted hair continues with a quick little shave on the back of the neck and then moves surprisingly to the ears and finally to your nose. 


At this point you think it would be impossible to find any stray facial hair left—but you would be wrong. Like a relaxing intermission, the barber sits you back and your hair is given a proper combing, your shirt is dusted with a long soft bristled brush, and again, you’re thinking you’re almost done. But really he is setting the stage for Act 2 and things are about to get exciting. 


You may have have noticed the BIC lighter kept near the barber’s scissors and thought to yourself that the man is definitely a smoker. But you’d be mistaken if you think the lighter is for smoking. Your error in judgement is confirmed when the barber stealthily reaches over and grabs the BIC lighter and brings it close to your head—right up to your ear.


Then suddenly, FLICK! You feel the shocking tendrils of heat rush briefly into your ear canal followed by the distinct smell of burning hair. Your eyes widen and a macabre blend of fear and curiosity that keeps you from bolting from your chair. You are not so shocked when the lighter and its flame reach your other ear. More heat—still shocking—and more smells of singed human hair. YOUR hair.


As he puts down the lighter, you sigh with relief having survived something so unexpected. You assume this is the glorious finale. You’re not only hair-free but you have survived the inferno.


Yet, there’s still more. As you sit up in the chair, you are bent face-forward into the sink and given a proper shampoo that includes a good scrubbing which works itself into a fantastic crescendo—a full face and scalp massage. 


At last, your hair is towel dried, your new cut is styled with a comb and a little gel—his work is complete. Not only do you have a new look, but a new outlook on life. You have reached a glorious and hairless nirvana.


This is when you saunter out of the barbershop SO stoked you put a Turkish haircut on your bucket list.


Sadly I took this exterior photo on my way out of the barbershop after deciding to meet Mark at the market. I had wrongly assumed his haircut was almost done and therefore missed the AMAZING pyrotechnics show which was about to start.


I made it back in time to see Marcel get the flamethrower special so he’s the lucky one that has photo evidence of the ensuing barbershop brouhaha. 

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