How American of Us

We arrived in Greece like most Americans; loudly and with too much stuff.


We had a lot of help with the loudness and the stuff, thanks to our new friend Tina and her entourage. These American friends have come to Greece to celebrate her birthday and just so happened to be taking the same shuttle to our hotel. To say we may have overwhelmed the driver in an understatement.


He pulled the hotel van up and his eyes widened as he spotted our motley crew of new friends and abundance of bags. He gave us a weary smile and then proceeded to play a very successful game of what I like to call “Luggage Tetris” as he methodically shoved suitcases in the back.  Tina tried to help him but I’m pretty sure it just delayed our departure time. Although we were quite amused by the whole escapade so at least we were entertained as we watched.


We made it successfully to the hotel with all our bags in tow plus, we have some new friends and a party invitation. A very Happy Birthday to Tina! She and her girlfriends will all be vacationing on some fabulous Greek island to celebrate her birthday. But as for Mark, Chloe, and I—you’ll find us skipping the party and celebrating our new move to Greece on dry dock, scrubbing decks and getting ready to set sail.

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