Laid Back Bar

Our first stop into Montenegro was the town of Bar. We checked in to the country and got all our paperwork in order. Both the town of Bar and it’s marina were so laid back and friendly.


And when we say this country is laid back we mean laaaaaaid baaaack. These are some of the most low stress people we’ve ever come across. When we checked in to the country they told us to motor in to the harbor and tie off right next their fleet of military ships. We were like, “are you sure??” and yep, they totally were. When Captain Mark went in to the customs and immigration office they were more interested in recommending what to eat (Popek) than rifling through our paperwork. We would soon learn most of the people here are just this way. Easy going and friendly. We like this place. A lot.


We met some fellow sailors over on sv Silver Cloud, Ovi and Cory. They seem just as laid back too. They’ve been sailing together for the last 18 years and they seem to have found a great pace for life. They recommended some places to visit around the area that we’re excited to rent a car and go see.


Hopefully we’ll run into them again soon. They’re headed north like we are so the chances are good.

We were told to try the Popek while we were in Montenegro. It’s a pork dish stuffed with prosciutto and cheese. And when we ordered it the server seemed impressed that we asked for it. 


It’s pretty good but you’d better share it with a table full of people and have plans for a big nap afterwards instead of say, walking around town to sight see. This must be the reason everything shuts down mid-afternoon. It’s not the heat, we think it’s the Popek.

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