Nomad Neighbors

People often think sailing is a big scary venture filled with perilous seas, nefarious pirates, overwhelming uncertainty and most certainly a life unattached from community. 


But the truth is that it’s filled with a countless pattern of unique sunsets, the lulling rhythm of ocean, and so many new experiences that will burst your senses with childlike wonder. 


One of my favorite things is the community of sailors that often becomes a bridge to new friendships. We notice their country’s flag or a particular boat model, we share locations to hidden bays, must-see places, or directions to a really great meal.  And usually you’ll exchange information, keep tabs on them, and likely see them again in another anchorage and another after that. 


This is Theo. He was flying an American flag while his beautiful boat Paloma was Med moored on the quay back when we were on Paxos. We stopped and chatted with him and shared news and stories.  A few days later we ended up as neighbors in an anchorage in Corfu.


Hello again. 


Like a long lost friend, he motored over in his dingy to hang out and chat. We discovered his daughter Stephanie is attending University in our home town back in Oregon. How small of a world is that? There’s nothing like realizing your neighbor is truly your neighbor—or in Theo’s case his daughter is. 


Here’s to the constant rumble of making new friends and connecting with the world. One of my very favorite things about our nomad neighbors. 

And here’s to @sailingdreams.paloma, thanks for stopping over, saying hello, and reminding us just how small and friendly the world can be.

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