Blue Caves

After our quick stop in Porto Montenegro, we continued north towards the Bay of Kotor. Along the way we stopped near the Blue Caves just south of the bay. There’s no place to anchor or moor so Mark and I took turns captaining the boat, keeping it safely adrift while a collection of crew went exploring.


The first tour of discovery was a girls trip. Chloe used her stealthy dingy skills and motored Kris and me into the Blue Caves. They were impressively huge inside.


We arrived when there were FIVE big powerboats inside full of tourists and dozens of swimmers— but they left shortly after we arrived and we suddenly had the cave to ourselves. 


We did some snorkeling and I broke out my free diving fins and attempted to find the bottom.


Afterwards Chloe couldn’t resist a little motoring adventure and followed the cliff’s contours to explore more of the coast. She found a smaller cave and scuttled us through the narrow tunnel and threaded through the riotous surge like a pro. She’s become our full time dingy driver. And when she’s in command, you can faintly hear the theme from Miami Vice playing in your head when she drives. 


We headed back to Bedouin and switched out captains so Mark could go and see the caves and brave the dingy under Chloe’s command. I watched from the helm and she took everyone back for more adventure. And it looks like Mark go the full surge tour as well.

Stacy at the helm while Chloe took him in for a cave tour and some wild antics scuttling in through smaller caves.

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